Matteo Sandrin

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Software Engineer

I'm a software engineer on the Google Ads team, focused on hotels. My work revolves around building reporting features that help hotel advertisers understand their ad performance.

I get to work on possibly the largest data pipeline in the world, processing billions of clicks, views and conversions per second. I also get to learn from some of the most accomplished software engineers in the industry.

One of my key accomplishments is designing and implementing a feature that provides advertisers with a clear view of their ad campaigns in different hotel destination markets. This feature allows advertisers to easily identify which destinations are not performing well, and optimize their campaings accordingly.

Before that, I interned on the Google Flights team. Over the course of a summer, I and a scrappy band of interns redesigned and rewrote from scratch the frontend of the Matrix flight search engine. This search engine has a loyal following of over 200,000 flight enthusiasts.

Cambridge, MA
2021 – Now (full time)
Summer 2020 (intern)


Software Engineering Intern

Smartcar's core product is an API to remotely control any vehicle. Think lock, unlock, climate control, windows, etc. I reverse-engineered the Chrysler and Volkswagen Android apps, in order to figure out their APIs and integrate them into the core product. I spent many hours in the sunny office parking lot, remotely poking and prodding Smartcar's fleet of test cars.

Smartcar was a small company at the time, no more than 15 employees. I enjoyed the challenge of working at an early-stage startup, doing everything from code to design to hosting a hackathon. I learned more in those three months about software engineering that I ever had before, and made some lifelong friends along the way.

Mountain View, CA
Summer 2019